STEM Model United Nations

Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

The process of performing something faultless for the first time tends to be tough to accomplish. Nevertheless, repeating the process again with the same faultless pattern is utterly harsh. Regardless, we possess determinant intentions to yield a completely new favorable experience for STEM Model United Nations. Our former generation started the journey with an unexpected level of proficiency. Now, STEM MUN 20’ will prove that the legacy is within safe keepers.

Along the season, delegates will enjoy a memorable experience for MUN, which is renowned for the fun in it, rather than boredom. Our academics committee are exposing the extent of their efforts to deliver the information in a smooth manner. Throughout the multiple sessions, the elected delegates will acquire plenty of helpful information. This information will enable them to engage in fruitful debates which impacts in considering every potential resolution. At the end, a well-established memory of us will be dug deep-down in each one’s mind for good.

Secretary General
STEM Model United Nations 2021


Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation where the world's most pressing issues and they are debated and solved using the same procedures as the UN. At MUN, one is bound to witness exhilarating debate on a particular agenda in parliamentary form within parliamentary walls. Nowadays, MUN has become one of the most prestigious events for youth to learn about diplomacy, both in national and internatianal scale. MUN gives an exceptional opportunity to the participants to improve their writing, debating, and public speaking skills through working in teams to develop resolutions and to express views in a self-assured manner during the switch-side debates. STEM Model United Nations (STEM MUN) aims to provide a platform for STEM young diplomats to encourage themselves in understanding international issues and policies, debating, and sharing perspectives between participants from different backgrounds with an atmosphere where participants can improve their communication and diplomatic skill, critical thinking, and networking.

Main Objectives

Convenient Knowledge

To establish a convenient knowledge of political science, diplomacy, and world issues.

Develop Skills

To develop skills of research, negotiation, collaboration, leadership, and critical thinking.

Comprehensive Improvement

To contribute to a comprehensive improvement on personal and academic levels.

Glimpse from the past

The first STEM MUN conference held a simulation for the UN security council with its current 15 members and other 7 members who are directly engaged in the Yemen civil war conflict. All participating delegates received training to teach them how foreign policy works, the principles and procedures of a UN conference, and the recognized way to encounter world issues through debating, providing evidence, and presenting resolutions.

The conference was held at Empire Training and Education at 6th of October city by the attendance of the 22 delegates, STEM October school principal, school counselor, and STEM Maadi deputy. After previous preparation and hard work, the conference was proven to be a remarkable simulation of the UN among high schoolers, the delegates showed unique diplomacy and professionalism, and received acclaim from all attendees.


Here in STEM MUN, we have a deep passion to make it possible for every STEM student to experience the world of UN as a whole. Our vision encompasses stimulating the acquiring of knowledge relatable to the councils and understanding most of its parliament’s procedures with emphasizing on historical moments of this inveterate institution and being up to date with all of its decisive decision being made nowadays. We believe that through our community, we can create a hub for exchanging culture and ideas, acting as an open gate for students to enter the MUN platform in which we can present our believes and ideas, and work together as a one entity to bring an impactful decision on our community.

Our Team

fady john

Fady John


Abdelrahman Magdy


Nader Sobhi

Vice president

Moemen Wael

Event Planner

Ali Nawar


Mohamed Mohamed

Media coverage director

Ahmed Amgad

Head of Logistics

Farah Ibrahim

Vice Head of Logistics

Israa Hussein

Vice Head of Logistics

Marwan Mohamed

Head of PR

Alaa Sabri

Vice Head of PR

Mohamed Sayed

Head of FR

Omar Mostafa

Head of Marketing

Rahma Allah Mohamed

Vice Head of Marketing

Gasser Mamdouh

Head of Content Writing

Bassel Walid

Vice Head of Content Writing

Ammar Mohamed

Head of Media

Rahma Mohamed

Head of HR

Asmaa Mohamed

Vice Head of HR

Basmala Kamal

Head of AC